Dr hab. Iwona Wagner

Specialization: ecohydrology of urban areas, blue-green infrastructure, adaptation of cities to climate change

Researcher at the UNESCO Chair of Ecohydrology and Applied Ecology, Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, at the University of Lodz. Research interests include: ecohydrology of cities, blue-green infrastructure and nature based solutions, rainwater management and adaptation of cities to climate change. She has participated in many national and international projects on these issues, including: SWITCH – a European project dealing with sustainable rainwater management in the city, LIFE EH-REK – dealing with the development and implementation of new methods for the reclamation of small recreational reservoirs in Łódź, LIFE-RADOMKLIMA – adapting the space of the City of Radom to climate change through open water and greenery management. She participated in projects developing plans for the adaptation of cities to climate change – 44MPA and CLIMCITIES. Since 2020, he has been the Secretary of the Interdisciplinary Advisory Team on the Climate Crisis at the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Author and co-author of several scientific publications, monographs and textbook chapters as well as conference speeches.

Contact: iwona_wagner[at].yahoo.pl.