prof. dr hab. Piotr Skubała

Specialization: biodiversity, biologist, ecologist, acarologist, environmental ethicist

Professor of biological sciences, ecologist, acarologist (focusing on the ecology and systematics of Oribatida mites). He has been associated with the University of Silesia since 1981, currently an employee of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Institute of Biology, Biotechnology and Environmental Protection. The Professor’s scientific interests include the use of the Oribatida mite in palaeoacarology; the influence of invasive plants on the formation of soil mite (Acari) colonies; bioaccumulation of heavy metals in different species of Oribatida; colonization and development of soil mite (Acari) colonies on post-industrial dumps; the importance of symbiotic interactions in the functioning of ecosystems; the impact of climate change on animals.

Environmental ethician, environmental educator, activist for nature protection; climate activist, leader of Climate Reality (former American Vice-President Al Gore’s foundation), “ethic expert” at the European Commission in Brussels (HORIZON 2020 programme), member of the GMO and GMM Commission appointed to the Minister of the Environment (2014-2019). Member of the Scientific Councils of the following scientific journals: “Diversity” (MDPI), “Acarologia” (France). “Journal of Pollution Effects and Control” (OMICS Publishing Group, USA), “AURA – Environmental Protection”, “Polish Journal for Sustainable Development”, the Silesian Botanical Garden in Mikołów (Poland), the Institute of Natural Fibre and Medicinal Plants. National Research Institute in Poznań, INSTRAT Foundation – Foundation for Strategic Initiatives, Climate Coalition.

Regular contributor to the “Dzikie Życie” (“Wildlife”) monthly, co-organizer of the Ecological Culture Festival “Zielono Mi” (2007-2014), organiser and co-host of the meetings of the Ecological Thought Club (since 2012), chairman of the Provincial Committee of the Ecological Knowledge Competition. Two-time winner of the “ZIELONY CZEK” (“GREEN CHEQUE”) award for achievements in the field of ecological education as well as popularizing and promoting pro-ecological attitudes. Winner of the Polish POP Science Competition Award for popularizers of science. He also received the Ekolaur Prize awarded by the Polish Chamber of Ecology. In 2020, he won the team award of the Polish Association of Environmental Economists and Natural Resources for an exceptional scientific achievement – the book “Cities and Their Inhabitants Facing the Challenges of Adaptation to Climate Change” (PAN).
The author of numerous lectures, workshops, courses at his home university, other universities in Poland and abroad, and various institutions (including materials for various types of schools, organisers of national scientific contests for students, city councils, environmental organizations, foundations, film, cultural and political institutions, teaching facilities, botanical gardens and zoos). He cooperates with local, national and foreign media as an expert in the field of ecology and environmental protection, climate crisis, and science popularizer.

Contact: piotr.skubala[at]