dr Sebastian Szklarek

Specialization: hydrologist, water quality

He holds a PhD in biological sciences and specialises in ecohydrology. A graduate of the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection of the University of Łódź where he completed studies in environmental protection, specialising in water ecology and protection. In his research work, he studies issues related to the quality of surface waters, with particular emphasis on the process of eutrophication and cyanobacteria blooms, as well as the development of methods to reduce them. Currently, he is studying the influence of salinity on aquatic ecosystems. Member of the Regional Council for Nature Conservation at the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Łódź. He serves as an expert assessing applications at the National Centre for Research and Development. A member of teams preparing studies on counteracting drought and water management plans for river basins in Poland. He has been popularizing knowledge about water resources on the Świat Wody (The World of Water) blog since 2017. Co-author of the “Leakage” exhibition in Hydropolis in Wrocław. He is a content consultant for the website “Co z tą wodą” (What About the Water). Co-author of the “Water” study for Caritas Laudato Si. President of the Ambitna Polska (Ambitious Poland) foundation. Author of numerous educational presentations for associations and foundations. Expert commenting on current events for television, radio, newspapers and internet portals.

Contact: s.szklarek[at]erce.unesco.lodz.pl