dr hab. Mateusz Czesław Strzelecki

Specialization: research on climate change in polar regions

Professor of the University of Wrocław. He earned his doctoral degree at the prestigious University of Durham, and worked as a researcher in Great Britain, Norway and Germany. He is currently holding the position of the Head of the University of Wrocław Stanisław Baranowski Polar Station in Spitsbergen and leads the Polish research teams on the evolution of coasts and paraglacial landscape transformation in the High Arctic. He is currently establishing the Cold Region Research Centre named after Alfred Jahn in an attempt to rebuild the Polish school of periglacial studies. He devoted his post-doctoral (habilitation) dissertation to the mechanisms controlling the formation of rocky coasts in polar climates. He conducted research in Svalbard, Greenland, Iceland, Scandinavian and Antarctic islands. While working at the University of Wrocław, he carried out projects for the National Centre of Science, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Foundation for Polish Science. He completed an internship in the NAWA Bekker programme at the Alfred Wegener Institute of Polar and Marine Research in Potsdam. Dr Mateusz Strzelecki is the youngest member of the Polar Research Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences, a member of the Academy of Young Scientists of the Polish Academy of Sciences, an expert in the Advisory Team on Climate Change of the Polish Academy of Sciences and a Co-Chair of the Rocky Coastal Working Group of the International Association of Geomorphologists.

In 2021-22, he participated in the Leadership Academy for Poland – one of the best leader development programmes in Europe. The aim of his research is to find out how climate change is transforming the polar coasts and threatening the communities that inhabit them, and to explain the role of paraglacial processes in the transformation of cold landscapes. Winner of numerous prizes and scientific distinctions awarded by institutions including Crescendum Est Polonia Foundation, START FNP, Outstanding Young Scientist Scholarship from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the 30 Creative People of Wrocław and the Scientific Award of the Polityka weekly. Privately, a Republican and a father of four.

Contact: mateusz.strzelecki[at]uwr.edu.pl